Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thanks everyone who voted for my They Might Be Giants Shirt: A Distinct Possibility!
It will be on sale over at Shirt.Woot for at least a week! Maybe more.

This week I have another shirt up for voting in the derby. It caters to the theme of madness and once again seeks to combine my love of pretending to know anything about literature and my natural-born desire to draw heavily armored fantasy creatures.


  1. I like the designs of your shirts, the designs are like a mix of Miyazaki,Otomo,and Deering. Other than shirt.woot do you sell you shirts anywhere else, like cafepress? I want to buy a few of the old designs so if you have a online store can you please put a link in your blog. Cae

  2. I LOVE the design for this shirt (I actually bought it for my husband.) Is it possible to order it as a print I could hang on the wall? Thanks!

    -Mary West (

  3. I have this tshirt, but what I've always really wanted was a print of it. Any chance you'd be interested?