Friday, March 27, 2009

This week's Shirt.Woot Derby theme is Music. These are my entries. for the violin one I used a picture of Kaylee as a reference. 


  1. About time you entered. Too bad they took so long to ship the turtles shirt. I was trying to check the size before buying another and now I can't get the Sun Wukong one :(

  2. Nice! I really like both of these. Did either of them make it?

    I like your 2nd place shirt that is on sale today (congratulations), but not as something I'd wear. My wife's put me on a shirt budget. But I looked through the blog and saw a couple shirts I ALMOST pulled the trigger on. And I like your design for this week's derby even if I don't entirely understand it.

    I hope you have continued success, sir!