Thursday, January 22, 2009

This design is meant to be a bit of a critique on some of the other artists in the derby. Also, it was a great excuse for me to draw this super cute wolf! I'm going to name it Ramybus and Rekimoku: (Subtitle) The Beginning of An Empire. Those that are in the loop will get it. Those that are not will vote for it....I hope. They may force me to resub with a real title. But then AdderXYU would hate me.

Speaking of which, last week when Adder was being especially mean about my ninja turtle design I drew this picture of a turtle punching him. But it was like he knew it was coming and didn't give me an opportunity to actually post it in the threads. So here it is people! The turtle is punching and Adder is all like "Stop it! 'sob' My t-shirt is coming untucked from my jean shorts!"
Also, I couldn't find an actual picture of AdderXYU, so I just guessed.


  1. This is pretty much hilarious, sir.

    It's also frighteningly accurate, but with more pants and hair.

  2. and the commentary piece is also classic

  3. Hehe, I thought you might like it. Since it's not a scene from an 80's cartoon portrayed by cute animals.

  4. LOL! I've got your Ninja Turtles shirt on right now - *I* think it's fantastic! :)